A Look At The Myths and Facts Behind Webinars

Webinars provide meetings

There is no doubt that the webinar is one of the most popular resources and the best online meeting of all time. Webinars provide meetings with a professional feel and the chance to engage with a large audience in real-time conversation. Due to several constraints on in-person events two years ago, setting up a webinar was a necessary step. Whether it was a meeting or a tutorial for learning, everyone had been to a webinar session. Since webinars can be held in a variety of settings, such as conferences, meetings, workshops, training sessions, and more.

Due to the popularity and extensive usability, there are many myths that have persisted over time and that we will dispel in today’s blog.

Webinar Myths

When you’re looking for a consistent and dependable way to attract customers, it’s time to introduce webinars to your digital goods, courses, coaching programs, or services. It’s not as simple as encouraging them to “Just go do it,” though, as I’ve learned through dealing with thousands of individuals at EasyWebinar. Without the right mindset, I’ve discovered that persuading people to begin is challenging. It’s easy to reject webinars if you don’t understand how they work at first. You may be on the fence about holding webinars or have some concerns, so let’s dispel some myths.

Webinars Are Difficult to Run

Nearly every entrepreneur in the world wants to help people with their goods and services, and webinars have shown to be the most effective technique ever. The idea of creating your own digital course, making videos, or creating a website can easily overwhelm you. Fortunately, even if you’re a rookie or don’t consider yourself tech-savvy, hosting a webinar is really simple. This myth, in my opinion, is a byproduct of how challenging it was in the past to run webinars, which scared off a lot of business owners. You usually have to connect several software components to make it all work together. Thanks to software solutions like EasyWebinar, hosting your first webinar is now simple and easy. You only need a computer, a microphone, and webinar software in order to start a webinar.

Webinars Are Too Long

In addition, many people have the misconception that webinars are too long, so they won’t stick around for the whole thing. This is a reasonable concern in a world where everyone is fighting for your attention 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For the majority of individuals, finishing a conversation without checking their email or social media is impossible. Despite the population’s short attention span, webinars continue to capture people’s attention for 45–60 minutes or longer. Online millionaires include EasyWebinar users who conduct webinars lasting longer than 120 minutes.

There is no wrong in having a long-form webinar; the only thing that matters is how much worthwhile content you provide while giving the audience something to look forward to. Additionally, you can keep their interest throughout the entire session by providing an interactive session and answering all of their questions. Keep the duration longer or shorter as long as your deliverables and content seem valuable to the audience. When employing webinar hosting services, a variety of features and tools can be used to engage the audience. polls, live conversations, quizzes, and more features.

Webinars Are Only Good for Sales

You will be unhappy to learn that this is incorrect and that they are beneficial in every way possible, not just for sales. Whatever the format, it will succeed in every situation regardless of your sector or expertise. The following are some significant workplace applications for webinars: –

Onboarding new clients: You can use it for meetings, orientation, and other uses like onboarding new clients. You may easily deliver the automated webinar link to your clients with the aid of online webinar hosting providers.

Run group coaching programs

You can utilize a commercial version of their platforms or employ an event tech company to acquire all the tailored features to boost engagement and offer new features, as opposed to using any free live webinar provider. This will make it easier for you to record the session and use it again in the future.

Create an email list: Money is important, and there are many ways to make money with webinars. You can make money by providing audience members with premium webinars. However, you must have a thorough understanding of your area and be willing to start from the beginning.

Webinars are Expensive

Sorry to disappoint you once more, but hosting and attending webinars are not pricey. Similar to Zoom, several sites let you hold events and create communities for nothing. The main drawback is that hosting a large webinar with thousands of participants might be expensive, although not excessively so. Depending on your needs and the services you wished to use, some webinar vendors may charge you very little.

Webinars Require Amazing Public Speaking Skills

Nothing compares to experience when you first start something. This notion is false because everyone started off as a beginner in every field. No one is born with particularly exceptional public speaking abilities, but with time and consistent effort, you can learn a lot, and the same is true in this situation. Keep going if you’re just getting started, and try to practice. At first, you must be patient as your confidence grows the more you practice. If you lack confidence, use the webinar platform, which has some interactive tools that can genuinely assist you in gaining confidence and convincing the audience that you are a confident public speaker.


Webinars are incredibly beneficial, and even if a myth is true, you can still participate. As there is a saying, “With enough effort, you can make any circumstance work for you,” and there are certainly many advantages to webinars. Use the top webinar services to take advantage of all the features that will benefit your company. Good luck with your upcoming webinar.

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