The United States is expected to have more than 110 million iPhone users in 2021. You might want to extend your iPhone’s battery life and get it running faster if you’re one of those people.

To make sure you get the most out of your iPhone for its entire life, there are many tips and tricks you may or may not know.

You can keep your iPhone working longer and more efficiently with eleven essential iPhone maintenance tips.

1. Protective Case

You should get a protective case for your iPhone as well as a screen protector as soon as possible if you want to keep it safe. No matter whether you have a brand-new iPhone or not, this should be your top priority.

It is possible to choose from a variety of protective iPhone cases. There is always the possibility of finding your favorite brand or style when it comes to cases.

Finding a case that suits your personality should not be a problem.

2. Make Sure Your Charging Port Is Clean

The charging port on your smartphone is one of the most important things you do, so you want to make sure that it is clean before using it. There are times when a clogged lightning port is the cause of your phone not charging.

The first thing you should do is to use a toothpick to remove any debris from your charging port. It is very important that you do this very carefully so that none of the contact points are damaged. To remove debris, you can try using compressed air if that doesn’t work.

3. Delete Apps You Aren’t Using

Probably you have downloaded a few apps that you haven’t opened since you downloaded them. No matter what mindless game you are playing or what social media you are following, you never check it. Keeping your iPhone-maintained means routinely checking to see which apps you aren’t using and deleting them.

Your iPhone storage settings even have a feature called ‘Offload Unused Apps’ that you can access within your settings menu. In this feature, unused apps are automatically deleted if your storage is low, but your documents and data are saved. It’s always possible to re-download that app from the app store if you decide to need it one day again.

4. Update to the Most Recent iOS

Maintaining your iPhone is as easy as updating your iOS. Downloading Apple’s latest iOS version will update you with bug fixes and improvements to battery life.

Getting this done shouldn’t take more than a few minutes. You shouldn’t ever fall behind on iPhone updates because then you will run into problems. Regarding Updates and other Tips on iPhone and Mp news check Ibc24 articles.

5. Update Your Apps

We’ve already discussed deleting all of the apps that you aren’t using, so after that you should update all of the apps that you do use. Don’t update apps that aren’t used by you to save bandwidth and time.

You can have your settings automatically update your apps if you don’t usually remember to do so. By doing this, you will ensure that your applications are always updated and ready for use. It can consume a lot of battery power, so many people shut it off.

6. Manage Background Tasks

While you’re doing something else, many apps on your iPhone refresh in the background.

You may not even need this, and it can be very draining on your battery.

While you’re not using the app, the background app refresh feature checks for updates.  It may be necessary to do this for some apps, such as your email. Depending on which app you use, you can turn the feature on or off.

7. Restart Your iPhone

Whenever your iPhone doesn’t work as expected, you may want to consider restarting it after trying everything. Random problems that you haven’t been able to resolve can be solved using this method.

8. Clear Safari Cookies and Data

To increase the speed of your iPhone, clear the cookies and data used by safari. By going to your settings, clicking Safari, and clicking clear history and website data, you can easily do it. However, Safari will not recommend frequently visited websites unless they are bookmarked or you return to them after visiting them.

9. Delete Old Messages

Keeping months and months of messages between you and your friends on your phone may be hard for some people. When you select the feature within your phone’s storage settings, old messages can be easily deleted.

It is also possible to delete messages by swiping left if only certain messages need to be disposed of. Since pictures, videos, and gifs occupy the most space, you should focus on these messages.

10. Keep Your iPhone Charged

Although keeping your iPhone charged seems obvious, this is an excellent tip to help you prolong its battery life. As you use your device more, the battery will drain faster.

It’s recommended that you keep your phone between 40% and 80% charged at all times. Your phone’s recharge frequency should be adjusted to meet this need. One more thing if you guys having issues related to iPhone heating and Gaming issues visit Common stupid man.

11. Make Sure It’s Safe

Last but not least, keep your iPhone safe when you aren’t using it so it can last longer and work more efficiently. Don’t leave it anywhere where someone might knock it off or spill a drink on it. Keeping your phone safe and away from harm is the best way to keep it working.

iPhone Maintenance Is Important

To ensure the longevity and efficiency of your iPhone, you should do numerous things in order to maintain it regularly. Maintaining your iPhone is something you shouldn’t slack on.

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