We’ll look at three reasons not to buy Instagram likes or followers:

Your Instagram Engagement Looks Bad

Generally speaking, engagement rates decrease as your following grows. But let’s assume you stumble across a user with 1 million followers who only receives 2,000 likes on each snap. They should have a lot of false followers, which shouldn’t be difficult to detect.

Instagram profiles with fewer than 1,000 followers typically have an engagement rate of 8%, while those with between 1,000 and 10,000 followers typically have a rate of 4%. A 2.4% engagement rate is typical for individuals with between 10,000 and 100,000 followers, while a 1.7% engagement rate is typical for those with over 1 million followers. These figures can be used as a standard to determine who is genuine and who buys Instagram likes.

On the other hand, as it is simpler and less expensive to purchase false likes than fake followers, if the likes-to-followers ratio on a photo appears to be much too high (over 7%), these may be bought likes. If you compare the ratio of likes to comments, you can see whether they are genuine or phony. An account with a large number of likes but disproportionately few comments probably bought Instagram Likes and Views.

For those who purchase Instagram likes and views, here are a few dead giveaways:

  • View the profiles of their followers. These profiles may have been made especially for people who purchase Instagram likes if there is little activity on them. Look for accounts that have not been updated in years, have few followers, have no images of themselves, or have less than 15 posts.
  • Analyze the engagement of the user. If they have a low like-to-follower ratio or if they have spammy comments that don’t make sense, their followers may be fake.
  • Verify that the account does not follow any “buying” services. You won’t have a hard time figuring this out because these accounts heavily advertise that they sell to fans.
  • Social Blade and Follower Check can help you identify fake followers on a profile.

Instagram Will Purge Your Account If You Buy Instagram Likes and Views

While Instagram bots like Instagress and Archie’s demise suggest a future without the bullshit from the social network, you might get a warning the first time. Instagram invites users to interact with others in real time and upload content. Instagram does not see anything that is not occurring in real-time time or using some sort of automation favorably.

After the 2014 Instagram purge, famous people like Kim Kardashian, Justin Bieber, and Ariana Grande all saw huge decreases in their followings.

By investing any amount of money in these actions to increase your numbers, Instagram will ultimately lose out because it regularly removes bogus followers. Additionally, buying Instagram likes and Views is against Instagram’s rigorous Terms of Service. You run the risk of having your account suspended if you do this.

Fake followers won’t make you money

False followers don’t support your brand or make purchases. Furthermore, bogus likes only really serve to inflate the perceived size of your business. Additionally, as we’ve already discussed, all of that automation typically does far more harm to your image than benefit.

Simply having a large following does not guarantee that brands will want to collaborate with you. As social media and influencer marketing develop, brands have access to additional tools and information that help them distinguish between fakes and genuine influencers.

As a result, brands today are more intelligent. Along with your following statistic, they take engagement rates into consideration. When trying to deal with brands, it will be challenging to show that you have real followers. Additionally, businesses attempting to employ phony followers and likes to increase their social proof will find that their efforts are futile if no one is genuinely engaged with their material.

You’ll end up losing money because Instagram regularly removes false followers while you continue to buy them to maintain appearances. In any case, research conducted by numerous social media agencies has revealed that utilizing bots did not increase product sales on Instagram.