A toxic workplace is a common culture. No one can deny the fact that the workplace is completely hundred percent free of any disruptions or politics. People talk and discuss behind your back. They have the habit of spreading rumors, taking credit for others’ work, becoming a good guy in front of the boss, and more. This was all the live things when there were no gadgets involved. Workplace or work culture was not dependent on smart technology. Now things are changed. There are as many modern tools and technology involved as there are humans. So the chances of human errors are possible along with tools and possible third-party interruption. It is all because of the new trends of work and evolved workplace norms.

  • According to the past five years’ data records, 20% of employees working in the US are affected and driven out of their work because of toxic workplace culture.

With organizations exploring work styles like complete remote working, hybrid work styles, inter-organizations, and international business things have changed. More smartphones, apps, software, and tools are involved. Employee monitoring has also been taken a step ahead. There is no more personal help and hiring for monitoring purposes solely. Instead, there are spying apps. Features like remote call recorder, screen monitoring, text log and keystroke logging etc are in work. Most of the employee monitoring is done through these tools. So far things are on track and with time and advancement there are more and more apps and features coming up on the list.

TheOneSpy is one of the best apps that offer remote call recorder features to its users. The app is best in the way that it offers multiple versions. You can get it for android as well as iPhone. Not just that mac and Windows spy app versions make it worth the try for features other than remote call recorder. Here is how you can control a toxic environment with TheOneSpy. Use the remote call recorder feature and track the responsible person as well.

What Is Remote call recorder:

A remote call recorder is a call recorder tool that can be used remotely. Common uses of the features are employee monitoring and parental control. Though the whole process can be managed remotely for the first step, there are some changes. You need physical access for installation. The remote call recorder keeps the record of every call with data and time information.

Catch the Culprit:

Use the remote call recording features and knowledge about the real culprit behind any conspiracy. It is indeed a necessity to catch the culprit on time. Listen to important calls. You can even listen to calls among the employees and team members if necessary. It can be helping to detect any conflict within the team. Know about any black sheep or troubling agents and take necessary action right away.

Record The Important Calls:

Record important stuff for future use. Recordings done through a remote call recorder can be used for employee training. You can teach them how to deal with difficult clients and so on. Similarly use the recordings as a token of appreciation and encouragement. This can create a healthy competitive environment in the workplace among the team members.

Track Troubling Callers:

Sometimes the reason or cause behind a toxic culture is the potential customers. Make sure you have a proof for every call with the help of the TheOneSpy best cell phone spy. In that way, you can pinpoint any toxic behavior or caller right away.

Make It Easy For Employees:

Using a remote recall recorder can be efficiently used to protect employees and their rights. Keep your employees satisfied with the services and know when they are in trouble.

Save The Proof:

Use TheOneSpy remote call recorder and keep all the recordings saved on the web portal.

The remote call recorder works even for employees working remotely. That means you can virtually be present in every important client call or meeting. Track and know who is up to what kind of things. Make sure to warn or take action against the culprits. It is the first step in making a healthy toxic-free workplace environment. Visit TheOneSpy.com for more details and extraordinary features.