Digital marketing is becoming more and more popular with time. However, that doesn’t mean business cards have become extinct. They still exist and play a significant role. However, when it comes to distributing business cards, you will have to follow new protocols. If you slip, you might come across as a jerk.

To avoid doing that, you need to follow a few easy tips to distribute your professional business cards.

  1. Do Not Use Them for Impressing Your Potential Customers

There was a time when business card printing was important for showing your title and rank. Previously, when someone handed you a card, the first thing you would check is the title of the person.

But organizations have flattened and titles aren’t longer your key to respect. Showing your luxury business card might come across as a little pretentious as doing so can grab the onlooker’s attention to things, such as rank. Hand out your card and you might not be the person of interest anymore.

So, you should never pass out your car to pull rank.

  1. Don’t Be in a Rush to Hand Them Out

When you carry a luxury business card, you might be tempted to hand it out to someone you have just met. Sure, your intentions might be honorable as you rush to hand out your card but you might come across as overly anxious or insecure. In case you are at a conference or event and someone you have met takes out a business card as soon as you start to speak, it might appear like the person is desperate to sell.

It might cause you to lose customers. So, you wait before you start to hand out the business cards to your acquaintance.

  1. Choose the Right Time and Situation

So, you have chosen luxury business card printing but what is the right time or situation to pull them out and hand them to your acquaintance? If you have a reason to believe what other person wants or needs the information on the card, you hand them out.

For instance, you have been chatting with a potential client about a networking event and have discussed a business opportunity. There is a common agreement about requiring to talk further. In cases like that, you should not hold back the card. Hand them out when you are done discussing.

When you hand out your card, make sure you ask for theirs s too. It suggests the start of a relationship and implies you have the power to follow-up, up instead of waiting on that person. Simply because the person has your card does not mean they will take the lead in developing a relationship. If you want to connect further or close a sale, reach out first.

  1. Ensure the Card Is Presentable

Your business card is a representation of you and your business. Hence, you need to make a good impression on them. Keep the business cards in a cardholder. This ensures that they are not creased or dirty when you pull them. Surely, you do not want to be the person who feels sorry for handing over a dirty card. When you are handing out the cards, you need to make sure that they are in the right condition.

  1. Consider What the Card Says

The final step to using your professional business card is to look at it squarely and find out what it has to say about you and your brands. Take this as an opportunity for self-reflection. You need to consider if you are proud of what the business card has to say about you and your title. Do not forget to consider the quality of the business card. Your business cards speak about your identity. If you take a close look at it, you should tell you if are in the right job. Taking a look at the business card should make you feel proud.