Digitization is the talk of the town now. With technology finding its way into everything, there’s no going back to going digital in most we do without technology before.

Especially in business, and the corporate world, it’s important to digitize your operation to improve efficiency, speed of operations, and increase productivity.

Having said these, digitization has numerous benefits but also some drawbacks.

What are the disadvantages of digitization?

Restructuring is necessary

Larger corporations in particular often have fixed structures and processes that need to be adapted to meet the changes in the digital age, Chaktty said.

In order for you to miss the connection, these restructurings are necessary.

If necessary, get advice and support from experts during the restructuring.

Anyone who dares to change must inform and train their employees and first of all invest in the change.

In order to reduce the need for further training, Techpally was designed to be intuitive.

The structure is based on e-mail programs and thus appears immediately familiar.

If you have any questions, numerous training videos, tours, FAQs, and tooltips and our service team will help you use the tool.

Change of existing jobs

One of the disadvantages of networking in business is the loss of jobs to some people whose activities have been replaced by technology and robots.

The restructuring means that certain areas of work no longer have to be done by people, but can be left to a digital program and automated.

At first it sounds as if human labor would become superfluous.

However, the opposite is the case in practice. Rather, it is about adapting existing jobs, which is sometimes viewed negatively at first.

Instead, in order to make optimal use of human labor, employees in digitized processes can be used for less automated processes that require individual decisions and social skills.

According to businesspally, In the long term, the goal should be that man and machine work together in a meaningful way in order to be able to fully exploit all potential.

Neglect of personal contacts

Since you no longer have to meet with customers in one place, personal encounters with them are sometimes neglected. Personal meetings can improve the relationship.

You get to know each other better, can build trust, and understand each other better.

The solution: Techpally tool in this regard can be personalized in many places so that digital communication also gets a personal touch.

With your own signatures, logos, links, SMS abbreviations, or a completely individual design, “distance communication” becomes a little more human and emotional.

Data Security and Cybercrime

Computers are connected via networks and large amounts of data are sent back and forth.

There is often concern that this would make data less secure than the paper form in the on-site office. In fact, data breaches are more common with paper-based data.

Nevertheless, the danger of cybercrime and data protection violations is of course there!

That’s why every communication via Business pally is SSL-encrypted, GDPR -compliant and so secure that it has achieved certified top results in the KPMG pen test.

Missing documents in case of failures

Reducing the required archive space also has a disadvantage: Since there are hardly any documents in paper form, they are rarely printed out as copies.

This is good for the environment and cost-effective, but it is problematic when systems fail or storage problems arise and, in the worst case, large amounts of data are lost.

In the case of particularly important documents, at least one digital copy should therefore be stored elsewhere.

Data sent via our site is not lost that quickly: it is stored on reliable Telekom servers in the US – and if there is a technical failure in the middle of an input process, your message will be temporarily stored and can be continued later.