Have you ever noticed that your likes on Instagram have been decreasing over the last couple of weeks?

You can also Buy Instagram Likes because (Likes) on Instagram have a direct correlation with how many followers you have, and it is a clear indication that if your number of likes is going down then your number of followers is also going down – or vice versa – because people don’t usually like your photos if they are not following you.

10 Reasons Why You Are Getting Fewer Likes on Instagram

  1. Everyone is now just liking pictures, no heart anymore

This was one of the major changes Instagram made recently, initially when I saw my likes decreasing over weeks, I thought it might be due to this reason. Some people say that this is not true, but personally, I have felt the difference.

  1. You are using too many hashtags

Instagram discourages using more than one hashtag in a photo caption. They claim that it’s spammy and clutters the caption. So, if you use more than two hashtags it’s likely that people who don’t follow you won’t even see your post and even if they do, they don’t find it interesting enough to actually like it.

  1. You have not been posting engaging content

Now let’s be honest, we all know that people buy Instagram followers. Even these days I notice some accounts with hundreds of thousands of followers but without a single like on their photos (it’s just me or it’s getting worse). This is simply because they have not been posting engaging content and how would other people interact with their photos if they aren’t following them, right?

  1. People don’t like your recent posts

You posted something interesting recently but nobody liked it. Now, this could be for various reasons – the photo wasn’t good enough, or maybe your post was too niche and didn’t interest many people – but either way, if you want more likes on Instagram it is necessary to be posting engaging content frequently.

  1. You need better captions

I am not talking about hashtags here – they are actually the least important part of a photo caption. What i am talking about is the message you convey to the people through your caption. People used to love it when they saw a really good caption on an image but now again, because of less interaction expect this one too to fade away eventually.

  1. You are not consistent

People like consistency, unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t support that anymore but it’s still important. If you post one good photo one day and then post something mediocre the next day, people are not going to like your posts as much as they would if you were consistent with your photos.

  1. You haven’t been using stories

Stories are now becoming more popular than posts even on Instagram, this is mainly because they are real-time and people like knowing what you do on a daily basis. This is why people like stories even if they don’t follow you – because the content there is relevant to them, especially if they are big fans of yours.

  1. You have not been promoting yourself enough

Yes, this can affect likes on Instagram – but only if you are not good at it. If you have been promoting yourself well – Instagram will consider your account spammy and then these sorts of posts don’t get as many likes as they would have otherwise.

  1. You need better hashtags

Using the right hashtags is crucial for getting likes on Instagram, especially if you are promoting something. If you are using some random hashtags that don’t really mean anything, people will ignore your posts even if they do follow you.

  1. You need more followers

Lastly, the number one reason why your likes are going down on Instagram is because of this – you have not been getting enough followers. There are people who buy Instagram followers, and the more you get, the better it is for your account. Don’t forget to use our service if you have been looking for a way to get real Instagram likes fast!