Every aspect of life has been improved and made more accessible through technology. Providing ideal solutions and technology-based services to millions of people has been made possible by continuous innovation.

This blog is intended to provide you with all the information you need to better understand this technology-based invention that people use daily to improve their tired, stressful morning routines. Water heater jugs are among the inventions under this category.

If people are researching water heater jugs here, it is very important that they are informed about all the features, benefits, types, and costs associated with them and about the top brands that are associated with these products. The following explanation will be helpful for visitors who have never experienced such jugs before.

The water heater jug functions similarly to a gasoline canister in a car. There is no denying the fact that our cars require fuel to function properly and get us to our destination. Furthermore, we are dependent on a great deal of fuel for carrying out our tasks and duties, such as tea or coffee, in order to stay alert and focused.

With the use of a water heater jug, warm water is readily available at all times for use.

This complex contrast can be broken into a more simple and justified explanation by saying that a water heater jug is a device used to heat up water for consumption. The air in your home is one of the most important things you need to take care of. The best air purifiers for your home will remove particles from the air, including bacteria, allergens, and viruses.

How Do Hot Water Jugs Benefit You? 

In light of what these jugs are, let us now consider some of the benefits one can enjoy if they recently purchased one or if they plan on doing so soon. Using this product regularly will provide you with the following benefits.

Easy and safer to use 

Hot water heaters are pretty easy to use. It is worth noting that some new models of the same have recently been introduced that use LEDs for indications and have features like an automatic shut-off feature as well. No matter how hot the contents are inside the jug, your hands will remain safe because the exterior is made of insulating material.

Minimal wastage of efforts

It is much quicker to boil water with a water heater jug rather than a stovetop. Depending upon the model you purchase, they might be functional at a range of boiling points. Once the water’s boiled, the best jugs shut off automatically.

Easily transportable 

Compared to gas water heaters, modern heating jugs can be used with just a switch and a plug. When traveling, you can also check them. Having heated water on hand has never been easier.

An energy-efficient design 

In terms of energy efficiency, an electric water heater is one of the most necessary appliances in your household. The model you choose can also be used for heating milk, tea, and coffee, among other things.

Types of Water Heater Jugs

Now that we have completed the section on benefits, let’s move on to the next topic on the list, which deals with the types of water heater jugs one can find in various stores.

Electric Water Heater

This hot water system is commonly used in Indian homes. As well as being an inexpensive option, this one requires little maintenance as well.

Gas Water Heater

Gas boilers are more economical than power plants. Therefore, if you are concerned about rising energy costs, you should switch to a gas-based system if your overall water usage can be met. Get hot water faster, use less energy, and avoid monthly bills.

Most trusted Hot Water Tank Brands

In order to get properly working heater jugs and the best hot water tanks, we have compiled a list of the most trusted and reliable brands.

  1. Bajaj
  2. Phillips
  3. Crompton
  4. Havells
  5. V-Guard

As a result of their wide availability and popularity, these brands are considered to be customers’ top choices. This reputable brand offers its audience and regular users notable and useful features at great prices.

The Overall Best Hot Water Tank Jug on the Market in 2019

Hot water jugs from the top-rated brands are listed below. Various websites have them, but if you want fast results with superb quality and fast delivery, then you can try a website called price google. One of the best jug brands with a decent price range and fine quality is here.

Brand: Pigeon

Brand: Gikvni

Brand: Milton

Conclusion and Cost Considerations

In conclusion, we want to share with you a very important part of what we have to offer, namely, a cost consideration chart that will help you determine which is the best hot water jug for your needs to what the best brands on the market dealing with such devices.

When buying, consider these factors to save money. In order to determine the best jug price range, one should adhere to what functions it must contain without any compromise to justify the price you are paying.

Water Temperature Settings

It is useful if you need to make a cup of tea or a cup of lukewarm water for drinking or if you want to boil water for making a cup of hot water to drink.


It is most likely that the most important factor, in our opinion, with respect to cost, is the consideration of the cost. Your money has been wasted if the water jug you purchased is unable to hold the water you require on a daily basis.

Without cord alternatives /Cordless Jugs

A cordless water heater jug is relatively easy to carry and will not break your wire.

Insulation Material Used

There is an important matter to consider – the type of material used for insulating the house is of primary importance because if it has reached a boiling point, there is a possibility of you burning your hands or swollen fingers. To avoid this, verifying the material used is important.

A daily use water jug ranges from 600-1800 rupees whereas if you wish to obtain a reputed brand or a premium water jug, the cost would be higher and approximately between 2000-5000 rupees.