We are living in the era of remote working and operating remotely from across the corners of the globe thanks to the digital disruption during the pandemic stuck period. Several trends that started during the pandemic have become consolidated as customers find it convenient to access services using technology and demanding for hyper-personalization in every aspect of the consumer experience. The key among these industries include; personal banking, investment banking, and life insurance. This is reshaping the banking and payments experiences of consumers globally. eSignature for the banking, the electronic signature software with document management and data management abilities goes beyond in offering truly personalized customer services to the banks, which in turn can serve consumers better way.

Key Expectations of Consumers

Consumers are not happy with the way they are getting services from traditional bankers over the years in certain areas before COVID and the digital transformation Consumer facilitated several applications that could cater to personalized needs to save money during the financial crisis and recession.

Customers are fond of accessing services online, and remotely using a device of their convenience or choice for reasons;

  • It saves time traveling to the bank.
  • They can avoid waiting for their term to come for any discussion.
  • Delays and errors are involved in the manual operation of data and financial transactions.
  • Consumers need immediate relief to handle any financial crisis or loss, which may be delayed if they visit a bank personally due to the time and effort involved.
  • Consumers can save money spent on fuel or travel to the bank.
  • Consumers want to gain financial advantages by getting personalized solutions in the wake of accidents, medical emergencies, sustainable medical care financial crises, or seeking investments to build financial stability.

Corporates’ Expectations from Technology Innovations

Public and private sector banks and other non-banking institutes that focus on wealth or fund management and deposit mobilization are overwhelmed with their operational size and daily routine stuck in traditional hierarchies. They are looking for reliable third-party vendors who can provide authentic customer data to assess risks associated with customers and loan recovery mechanisms.

How do eSigns Add Personalization for the Consumers?

eSigns possesses exceptional document and data management capabilities to aid banks and other financial institutions to serve customers in more personalized ways by offering opportunities to create customized solutions to meet each individual, group, or industry need.

Customized Document Creation and Management

eSigns allows banks to create customized documents like bank opening forms, loan applications, loan recovery forms, mortgage or leasing contracts and agreements, sales deeds, and a myriad of other documents that the banks were traditionally printing and circulating to the customers manually to fill in details and sign.

Banks can design the documents listed above by dragging and dropping user-friendly, no-code fields. Banks can even provide options for customers to sign remotely with a safe and secured Electronic Signature for the Banking Industry

Turn Customized Documents into Templates and Share

Organizations can convert these documents into templates to share with applicants and consumers who may want to open a bank account or apply for a term loan.

Fine Editing Tools to Craft Messages

eSigns offers editing options to change, modify, delete, or void any document for both the document sender and the receiver. The bankers can issue a safety locker approval letter to a privileged customer online with the approval signature of the bank authority and can expect the recipient to sign electronically, which is authentic.

Two-Step Authentication and Abides with Compliance Norms

eSigns takes every measure to see that only an intended customer receives the information by securely issuing the documents to the registered and verified customer mail ID. The customer receives a security code to the registered mailing address to access information. eSigns abide by privacy norms and comply with all major global compliance acts and norms.

Secure and Tamper-proof Document Sharing

The electronic signatures are verified and preserved and are legally approved across the major financial markets of the globe. Electronic signatures are free from tampering and a document signed with an electronic signature remains free from forgeries and fraudulent hacking activities.

Digital Audit Trial

eSigns maintains a detailed digital log, enabling the user to verify who created the document and who is the signer. It also maintains details, including the date of the document creation, and the number of times a user edits the document, including the date and time. This process would enable independent auditing of the document to examine document owners, signers, approvers, and

Building Customer Data is Key to Reach Them in Personalized Ways

Institutes can collect massive customer information online when they share different products or

solution-related applications online. Customers usually fill in their email addresses, mobile, and

home phone numbers. Banks can segregate and store customer data in their related entities to

facilitate automation that facilitates end-to-end digital services from filling the bank account opening

the application, customer onboarding, loan application and processing, assessment of property,

signing online lease agreements, issuing loan verification certificates, and granting loans.

Matchless Cloud-Based Document Management Services

Banks can organize their documents digitally in centralized digital repositories to save them for

future usage. Financial institutes can provide absolute paperless document management.

eSigns’ Electronic Signature Tool for the Financial Sector assigns a digital indexing number to the

documents facilitating easy search, document sharing, and more. eSigns chases the document

recipient by sending constant alerts such as email notifications, messages on the electronic signature

tool, and SMS messages to pay attention to the document. It helps the recipient notify the

document expiry date and passes information when the document completes all formalities.

Builds Dashboard to Design Strategies

eSigns offers a dynamic dashboard that sheds insights on customer behavior and needs. Based on

the statistics projected, banks can assess consumers’ needs and interests. A dashboard is helpful for

policymaking and designing new products and services to meet customer needs.

Final Thoughts:

eSigns is not merely an Electronic Signature Platform for Banking industries that manages

documents for financial institutions. It is a data management platform as well, which helps

enterprises build data to understand customer needs. eSigns offers features to meet customer

demands to access banking services exclusively digitally and remotely, using any device.

eSigns is compatible with multiple devices, including PCs, desktops, tabs, and mobiles.