With the growing on-demand service economy, an increase in the search for on-demand handyman service providers is also witnessed. Now people look for handyman service providers or professionals online, if they want to fix various home issues. Whether it is related to plumbing, electricity, carpentry, or any other home service requirement.

A few popular names like Taskrabbit, Urban Company, HouseJoy, Zimmber, etc. are already providing outstanding services and expert handymen professionals. To help people resolve their home services issues at hand.

If you are a professional providing on-demand handyman services or one belonging to on demand home service segment. It is the right time for your own Uber-like handyman app development. Since the online home service market captures a large cap of worth USD 869.95 billion. and continue to grow 52% annually during 2018-2022.

By making an innovative, exceptionally advanced on-demand handyman app solution, you can simply grow your business and earn a great benefit. But to attain this feat, you need to make a successful uber like handyman app. That is only possible with the addition of wisely chosen app features.

Here in this article, we are going to list 6 powerful features that ensure the success of your handyman services mobile app to a greater extent. Let’s discuss these features one by one.

6 Must-Have Features to Build a Successful Uber-Like Handyman App

1. Advance Handyman Service Search with Filter Options

If you are planning to build a handyman app, you must incorporate a search feature powered by various filter options. To offer clients the ease of finding services as per the requirements

For example, if they are in need of a plumber to fix a particular pipe, they can easily find the best fit among all kinds of plumbers with different experiences and expertise.

Besides, searching for professional and certified handymen for various services should also be easier by using different sorting and filter options. Including services like carpentry, cleaning, electricians, furniture assembly, pest controlling, plumbing, wall mounting and others.

The integration of a geolocation map would also be a great initiative to offer clients the functionality of finding a handyman near me following a few clicks. It will help clients in an emergency, saving them valuable time in finding the right fit.

2. Schedule and Cancel Appointments

It should be your must-have feature if you are willing to build a successful handyman app solution. The schedule and cancel appointments feature will provide online users with the convenience to book slots for professional handyman service in advance and cancel as per their preferences. Suppose being a user you have scheduled the appointment in advance and are caught with a more important last-moment plan, then you are free to cancel the service request without any cancellation charges.

Also, thanks to this feature, the handyman service providers can easily manage their professionals and their work shifts. Other than this, the availability of a drop-down calendar that allows creating and managing recurring tasks, and customizing tasks and events, will help schedule the tasks efficiently. That will be a plus for your handyman service app’s success in the future.

3. Multiple Payment Options

Your handyman service like uber app should be integrated with multiple payment options to simplify payment processing for the users. Fast and secure payment options will allow users to make payments for the preferred service and professional at their convenience. It could be a credit card, debit card, net banking, mobile payments and COD (if used). Almost all the prevailing and popular online payment gateway options you can integrate into your handyman mobile app for seamless payment processing.

On the other hand, being a handyman service provider, you can keep a record of payments to date. Even, you can check out the overall collection bifurcating between tips, payments, and overtime wages, all in a single place.

In fact, secure online payment options help build trust between service providers and customers. The customer will make payment in advance for the service and professional he booked. whereas, the service provider will be assured of the task secured for the day via advance payment.

Therefore, it should be in the list of features your handyman app like Uber will have.

4. Real-Time Tracking

There should be the option of tracking service providers after confirming services to customers in your handyman mobile application. It will help customers to know the exact location of the service provider along with the estimated time of arrival.

On the other hand, a handyman can effortlessly locate the location of the concerned customer and be there on time.

5. Collection of Tutorials and DIY videos:

Everyone is aware of the fact that video content influence more than text content. Keeping this fact in mind, you should incorporate a good collection of videos including tutorials, tips and DIY videos. This will help users to get some knowledge about fixing small home problems.

By continuously producing and posting such DIY videos/tutorials/tips related to home decor, cleaning, fittings, house parties and more, you can attract more customers to your site. Also, you can earn a great sum of money by implementing a subscription model to your video content.

On the other hand, if you produce text content in the form of blogs on such services, you can turn your website into an application. It will help to generate good traffic of visitors willing to learn about handyman tips.

6. Reviews and Ratings:

The aids of reviews and ratings play a vital role in the success of any handyman service app like uber. since customers feel proud when they rate and review any service provider or company.

On the users’ end, reviews and ratings are not only useful for the existing users but also the newcomers to know about the quality of the service from a particular service provider or a company.

Whereas, at the service providers’ end, the company or the professionals can make necessary changes in their service delivery depending on the users’ feedback and look for a better future in the long run. Therefore, reviews and rating options should be part of your essential features list for a successful handyman app development.


By going through the blog, you must have known the must-have or the 6 most powerful features that ensure the success of your handyman app like Uber. Therefore, it is vital for you to not forget to consider these features before thinking about handyman app development like Uber. And take your handyman services business to the newer height of success.