People living in the 21st century are living a privileged life. There is no doubt in the fact that the facilities and living standards in developed countries are the best. Just take the example of the internet and social media. Imagine living in a world with no web service or social media platforms. Yes most of us can’t even imagine that. Our lives are now so much dependent on these modern inventions. The addiction is so real that we have no idea how much things have messed up. Only enjoying the facilities is not right. The user has to play part in overcoming the negative aspects as well.

Let’s talk about the simple things. Social media and instant messenger chat apps offer call and text services. There are many other bonus features as well in the package. But the key roles will always be fixed for the basic purpose i.e calling or texting. These days people have been misusing these tools for evil purposes. Spam calls, voice phishing, scam, and fraud attempts through calling, stalking, threatening, and bullying all are some examples. Features like Whatsapp call recorder, Snapchat, and Instagram call recorder can help users to control such issues. Spy apps like the OgyMogy offer features under social media monitoring that can help in multiple ways.

Here is what you need to know about a basic yet effective app that offers a Whatsapp call recorder and other similar features.

Whatsapp Call Recorder:

  • WhatsApp ranks at number 4 in the list of non-games apps that have been most installed in the whole world.

It is available in more than 180 countries in the whole world. Thus it is safe to say that it is one of the most popular apps worldwide. The app is used both for personal and professional purposes. The introduction of WhatsApp business has increased the popularity of the tool in the marketing world. Whatsapp call recorder by the OgyMogy best app to record phone calls allows all types of users to record WhatsApp calls of the target. Both audio and video calls can be recorded by the app efficiently. All you need is physical access to the target device for installation.

  • Use the Whatsapp call recorder feature to keep an eye on the minor kid’s WhatsApp life. You can listen to the details and content of the call to know if they are in trouble.
  • Whatsapp call app feature can help the user to guide and supervise the kid about digital life and standards. Stop your kid from sharing too much personal information in the call through WhatsApp.
  • One can know about any bullying or threatening calls received from the kid by using a Whatsapp call recorder. It is easy to bully or threaten someone online as the culprit feels safe by staying hidden behind the screen. The parental control feature allows the parents to have the upper hand and check the digital company of the kids.
  • The Whatsapp call recorder feature can be used as a personal data storage tool as well. You can practically save all the WhatsApp audio and video calls using the app. In case you are a businessman dealing with multiple people call recording can be so helpful. Have a director of all the important calls saved with a Whatsapp call recorder. You can simply click on any relevant recordings at the time of need.
  • WhatsApp call recorder feature makes the life of a manager or employer much more comfortable. Listen to the calls and conversations between employees and customers and guide them.

No need to worry about the legal formalities. As it is completely fine and under legal jurisdiction to use a spy app unless you break the protocol. The basic protocol is that features like Whatsapp call recorder can be used for parental control and employee monitoring. Parents can simply install the app on the minor kid’s device to know about the online activities. Similarly, the employer has every right to keep a check on the work-related life of the employees. It is necessary to use the only company-owned device for this purpose. Apart from parental control and employee monitoring user must have written consent from the involved parties. The app offers a long list of monitoring features so visit for more details.